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This is the first song I ever wrote. It’s called “Little Sunstones”

I submitted it for a song contest and the winner gets 100k and a music video. If i win I am throwing a banger party and everyone is invited. 

All I ask is you listen to my sounds.

If you want you can make a profile and like it and help me get that 100k

I also plan on donating some of the proceeds to a charity called Guardians of Rescue. They save abused animals and find them loving homes.

Growing the flow

I’m growing out my hair.


Because I want to. I wanna head band and have my hair go everywhere to my favorite jam.

When I kiss a girl i want her to run her fingers through my long luscious hair

I wanna whip my hair as I come out of the water…so sexxy..

I’m a musician, my hair absorbs my good vibes

I wanna style it in crazy ways

I wanna have a hair mustache 

I eventually want to donate it for cancer.

Those are just a few reasons why…..

Oh, and flow jobs…..those are heavenly. 

Insanity Challenge

So I started my insanity challenge today. At the end of each week I will up date my progress and feelings. I highly doubt anyone is reading the stuff I blog anyways so this is purely for me to stay on track and keep up with the drive to push through and dig deep. 

The fit test got me worked. Just sooo worked….

I promise though everyone is gonna like the day 60 picture ;) 


All babies are small compared to their parents, but there is something particularly awesome about the size difference between this proud mama Galápagos Tortoise and her tiny new hatchlings, who emerged from their shells back in January 2014 at Australia’s Taronga Western Plains Zoo. This zoo became the first in Australia to successfully breed Galápagos Tortoises when RJ, the slightly larger baby you see standing between the wee hatchlings and parent, hatched three years ago.

One of the longest-living vertebrates, Galápagos Tortoises can live for over 100 years in the wild and reach weights of around 880 pounds (400 kg) and lenghths of up to 5 feet (1.5 m). They are found only on the Galápagos archipelago, west of continental Ecuador.

Head over to ZooBorns for additional photos and to learn more about Galápagos Tortoises.

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